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Picking The Sewing Machine For You

When someone begins their journey into sewing, quilting, or embroidery, they may be very young learning from a parent or grandparent. However, this person could also be 27 years old with a decent amount of cash on hand. Wherever you are in your sewing journey it’s important before buying a machine to know what you NEED from our products, but also what you WANT from our products.
For example, if you plan to use the sewing machine for smaller projects such as small embroidery, you may consider the Brother XV855OD. This machine comes with over 700 built-in stitches. It also allows the user to work on smaller but very precise embroidery projects (even Disney designs are available)!
As well as smaller projects, we also offer products to help you with larger products as well. The Quilting Machines Brother Dream Quilter 15 offers a larger workspace and is often used for quilting projects. Another great thing about this machine is that it allows you to adjust your stitch speed anywhere from 90 to 1800 stitches per minute. It also comes with a laser stylus and an overhead light to make quilting a possibility day and night. Now, depending on what investment you are willing to make into sewing will determine what product you get. We understand that everyone’s financial status is different, but all the products here can help serve your needs.
We also offer different sized products for different sized companies. Ranging from an individual seamstress, to a small business down the road, and even to someone who needs to pump out a lot of product. We’re not necessarily talking industrial size but Brother offers a lot of products for a lot of people. Capital Sew & Quilting has over 40 YEARS of experience helping people figure out their goals (sewing wise). Whether you break your machine making a quilt or a pillow cover the repair technicians are here to help. Or maybe it’s your first product you’re purchasing, well there’s help for that too. Sewing and quilting isn’t supposed to be scary it’s supposed to be fun, and maybe even relaxing.
Also, have you been having trouble with your vacuum cleaner after a long day of sewing and now your vacuum goes out? Well, Capital Sew & Quilting repair has vacuum parts to save you money from having to purchase a new one. Really if you have any doubts about what you need or want, Capital Sew and Quilting is a great option for you.