Juki DX2000QVP

Juki DX2000QVP

Always looking for improvements, the Juki’s new DX-2000QP new sewing/quilting machine introduces a number of new features which allow you to bring Industrial Sewing Machine Technology into your own home. This is because Juki has fused Industrial and Home Sewing Technologies into one convenient package that produces machine and stitch qualities that are often only found in commercial operations.

This extraordinary machine provides a sensational combination of stitch patterns and specialty quilt accessories that are not available in other machines of this type. This makes it possible to customize stress-free operations to fit your own personal sewing needed.

The numerous stitch patterns and specialty quilt accessories, available only on Juki DX2000QP, enhance both your quilt and stitching needs. Each operation has been customized to fit whatever type of sewing you are doing by using a Smart Sewing Operation System® that is designed to fit your particular sewing needs.

The lightening-quick pivoting feature, offered on this machine, is a great feature that keeps the needle down with the presser foot while turning a corner. This makes perfect control when corners are required in your sewing.

Its straight stitch slide plate and box feeding system provide precise stitching are an excellent venue for quilt making. Whether making a small baby quilt or one that is queen sized, difficult fabrics or special corners are easily done with the machine’s needle down position and pressure foot height lift.

Another outstanding feature of this machine is its bright LCD screen. It allows the sewer control at all times regarding stitches and the presser foot.

The LCD screen is located on the right-side of the front of the Judi DX2000QP sewing machine and displays the settings available including the following:

• Which presser foot should be used

• Twin needle/needle stop position

• Stitch mode

• Stitch length (mm)

• Stitch width (mm)

• Automatic reverse/reinforcement stitch

• Selected stitch

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine Features

1. Drop in bobbin system

2. Needle threaders

3. Pressure foot control

4. 37 needle positions with adjustable length and stitch width

5. Needle thread tension

6. Lock/reverse stitch control

7. Locking stitch button

8. Thread cutter

9. Sews up to 1,050 stitches per minute


1. Pressure foot

2. Stitch width and length (37 needle positions)

3. 287 built-in stitches

4. 4 alphabet options

5. 10 one-step buttonhole patterns

6. Stitch combination

7. Reverse Button


1. Machine readiness indicated by variable colored stop and start buttons

2. Retractable feed dogs allow for free-motion sewing

3. Has 10 memory slots

4. Float Function prevents uneven seams

• EXTRA FEET (in addition to Standard and Zipper)
1. Clear Applique

2. Cording Pressure for 3 cords

3. Cording Pressure Foot with Guide

4. Pearl Attaching

• Additional Features

1. Blind Stitch

2. Manual and Machine Buttonholing

3. Wide Extension Table

4. Knee Lift Lever

5. Small, Medium and Large Spool Caps

6. Twin Needles

7. Special Screw Driver

8. Seam Ripper

The large table and sewing area of this machine make it easy to handle large sized quilts or sewing projects. In addition, its bright LED lights make it easy to have a clear view of the sewing area at all times.

Have you ever wanted to own your own business and love sewing and quilting? The Juki DX-2000QVP Sewing/Quilting Machine makes this dream come true. It provides for all sewing venues from speedy straight sewing to light or heavy quilting with a wide variety of decorative stitches.

Many quilting and sewing videos and directions are online if you run out of ideas. Also, shops such as Capital Sew and Quilt have numerous sewing books as well as classes and sewing supplies. Books on quilting often have patterns for old time quilts such as log cabin, crazy quilt, Lone Star and many others. Many quilters enjoy making their own design to produce a quilt that is like none others.

With the Juki DX2000QP revolutionary sewing/quilting machine you can look forward to many hours of enjoyable sewing and quilting.