Brother Dream Quilter 15

Brother Dream Quilter 15

Quilting can be a fascinating hobby and many sewers have found it is a money maker as well. Creating unusual patterns with an assortment of colors can produce individual quilts that are not only beautiful but also practical.

To do the best work it is important to have a machine that is specially built for this purpose. That is what you will find with the sit-down mid-arm DOLT15 Dream Quilting Machine. Produced by the well-known Brother Sewing Machine Company, it has all the features that make quilting a pleasurable experience.

Naturally, large quilts are bulky. In order to be properly quilted it is necessary that there be space available to roll the quilt and move it freely through the machine. This was taken into consideration by the Brothers Company engineers and has resulted in a larger than average sewing machine throat a large adjustable sewing space of 15” X 8” and a contoured folding laminated leaf for an extra surface area.

When the machine is paired with the Dream Carousel Sit-Down Cabinet, which is made of laminate and has rollers, it is easy to move to a convenient location when in use or move to another location if necessary. This free motion cabinet is constructed so it can be easily pivoted to a side or front sewing position. It has rounded edges which allow you to move the quilt easily without getting hung up on sharp corners.

This machine has a foldaway leaf that proves extra room and can be folded away when not needed. This is truly a dream for anyone who enjoys making quilts. In addition, with an optional Frame Kit, it is possible to have a Dream quilter 15S quilt frame to fit your special needs.

DOLT15 Quilting Machine Features

• Manual needle threading

• Bobbins

• Built-in bobbin winder

• Easy-change bobbin case

• Large M-class bobbin

• Precise, Cruise and Baste regulated modes

• Built-in stitch regulator

• Custom grip handles (with 6-quick access buttons)

• 15”W x 8”H workspace

• 6 bright LED lights

• Foot Pedal with programmable Heel Kick

• Speed control 90-1,800 stitches per minute

• 5” LCD touch screen display (front or side mount options)

• Free-motion quilting foot

• 10 quilting machine needles

• Dual cone thread holders

• Accessory Ports Plugin with laser stylus

• 5’ overhead light bar (free with purchase)

• 4-16 Stitches per inch

This machine has been designed to eliminate problems that, in the past, have found to be prevalent in many quilting appliances. For many years it was a struggle to produce a quilt that had an attractive quilting pattern. That problem has now been eliminated with the DOLT15S quilting machine.

DOLT15 Dream Quilter Accessories (Purchased Separately)

• Brother SAQCCAB Dream Cabinet for Free Motion Sit-Down Quilting

• Brother SAQCD1610 Size 16 and SAQ1810 Size 18 Quilting Needles

• Brother SAQCD3FTKIT 3 Foot Kit: Open Toe, Stipple, Ruler Feet

• Brother SAQCDMBB 10 M Class Aluminum Bobbing

• Grace Frames Goose Neck Lamp with Table Clamp Attachment

• Grace 01-11685 3-pc Hopping Foot Upgrade Set

• Luminous 5’ and 10’ Wide Floor Lamps for Sewing Tables

• Brother SAQCEFLT10 Frame Light Bar (10Ft.)

• Brother DQLT15FRKIT Sit Down to Frame Conversion Kit

• Martelli GFM-08 8” Round Free Motion Quilting Hoop

The Dream Quilter 15 has been built with the serious quilter in mind. The need for a comfortable quilting table, an accommodating Dream Carousel Cabinet, ample workspace and being able to adjust the machine as needed has all been taken into consideration. This makes it possible to sew at your leisure without worrying about the problems that have been common in the past.

Free motion quilting is one of the most attractive types of quilting. Being able to convert to a Brother Quilt frame, using the optional Frame Kit, presents the ability to position your quilt in a way that makes it a simple operation to do this kind of quilting. Why not visit your Capital Sew and Quilt location today and see how this machine can convert your quilt making into a simple operation.