Juki J350 Miyabi Sit Down Quilter

Juki J350 Miyabi Sit Down Quilter

Juki J350 Miyabi Sit Down Quilter

Quilting is a special type of crafting in that it creates something that is both useful today and can be passed down and enjoyed from generation to generation. It is also a craft that has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. In addition to the abundance of delightful fabrics and patterns, there are so many tools and machines on the market today that make quilting much easier than in years past.

One such product is the Juki Miyabi J-350QVP S Sit Down Free Motion Quilting Machine and Table. Developed for the true quilting enthusiast, it is the only sit-down longarm quilter that has both automatic thread trimmers and built-in Juki SmartStitch stitch regulator system.

As its name “Miyabi,” which is Japanese for “elegance” implies, every single stitch will be elegant with the J-350QVP S.

Features of the Miyabi J-350QVP S

The Juki engineers developed this machine for the quilter who desires the utmost in convenience and comfort. Touting all the bells and whistles, the J-350QVP S delivers everything a modern quilter could ask for.

SmartStitch: Stitch Regulator System Visibility – No matter what speed you run the J-350QVP S at, accuracy and precision will not suffer. When the stitch mode is selected, the machine’s image sensors keep the stitch lengths flawless by reading every movement exactly.

Direct Drive – The industrial direct drive motor technology developed in Japan provides for a smooth quilting experience. This highly-efficient system requires little maintenance with hook oiling as needed.

Increased Visibility – With 10” high and 18” throat space, the visibility of the J-350QVP S is ideal for any sized quilting project.

Large Quilting Table – With an accommodating workspace of up to 50” (with optional leafs) and 30” overall depth sitting on an adjustable-height metal stand, quilters can sit or stand comfortably while creating works of art both small and large.

Programmable LCD Touchscreen – This allows for complete customization to fit a quilter’s individual style. The screen brightness, foot pedal control and preferred needle up or down positions can all be modified with a simple touch.

Speed Regulation – The J-350QVP S reaches a maximum sewing speed of 2200spm and allows for variable speed control. The speed can also be customized and preferred settings saved for free motion, micro stipples and ruler work.

Automatic Needle Positioner – By using either the left handle button or the LCD touchscreen, up or down needle position can be activated for precise stitching placement.

Ergonomically Positioned Auxiliary Hand Wheel – Conveniently placed and easy to reach, it is located on the right side of the sewing head.

Built-in Bobbin Winder – The bobbin winder on the J-350QVP S operates with its own motor and uses full-capacity M size bobbins. An especially useful feature is that a red light appears when there is 20% of thread remaining on the bobbin so that a row can be completed without a pesky interruption.

Directional Lighting – Bright, true white light illuminates your quilting area with dual-direction LED lighting.

Thread Cutter with Auto-Set Thread Lock – Increase efficiency and save time with the push-button automatic thread trimmer utilizing the exclusive Juki knife system.

Foot Control – Serious quilters with a need for efficiency are sure to appreciate the electronic foot control with quick control thread cutting.

Thread Stand – No need for constant thread changes with this built-in dual thread stand holding large quilting thread cones.

Some additional specifications to be noted are the needle bar stroke, which is approximately 1.3 inches and the presser foot lift, which is approximately .216 inches. This machine weighs in at 57 pounds and offers a substantial 18” x 10” working area. The main table measures 35.4” x 33.7” with an optional extension of 15.7” x 33.7”.

For the quilter aiming for professional-grade quality results, the Juki Miyabi J-350QVP S offers a profusion of features that will deliver the desired results with ease. The knowledgeable and skilled staff at Capital Sew and Quilt are happy to demonstrate the Miyabi’s extensive capabilities so stop by their store at 107 Edinburgh South Drive in Cary, NC and see them today!