Juki J150QVP Straight Stitch Machine

Juki J150QVP Straight Stitch Machine

Juki J150 Qvp quilting machine

Sewing and quilting are two of the most relaxing and satisfying things a person can do. Naturally, it is important that one has the proper equipment to produce a beautiful product and avoid frustration. To assist in this endeavor the Juki Company has developed the J150 QVP Quilting Machine which offers high-speed free motion sewing and quilting digital technology.

When working on a project the most important thing is having a machine that is easy to operate, has easy settings and provides simple instructions. This was all taken into consideration when the Juki engineers were developing this machine which combines excellent sewing features and easy to follow directions.

Juki J150 QVP Features

Although listed as a quilting machine, the Juki J150 QVP is also excellent for straight sewing. This is important when putting together quilting pieces or doing other types of sewing.

One of the most important parts of this machine is its large workspace which makes it easy to control quilts, or other types of sewing, while stitching the material. It has a 12” wide throat space and extended table space making it an excellent area on which to work with bulky materials.

Its One-Touch Switching to Free Motion Mode, controlled by a button, makes it a simple operation to sew with a straight or free motion stitch. This is important when wishing to put your own design on a garment or quilt.

An adjustable LED light, which can be adjusted to five different levels, makes it easy to see when inserting and removing thick fabrics. In addition, a special pressure foot allows a height of up to 13.5mm providing plenty of room to insert or remove quilts.

All sewing and quilting machines require oil to be added from time to time. This machine provides a maximum fill oil tank, located with a filter, at the front of the machine.

A maximum sewing speed of 2,500spm makes it easy to sew at a convenient speed. Naturally, sewing seams can be done at a faster speed than with things such as triangles or curves.

Other items include a standard and a 1/4” presser foot, a quilting foot, 4 bobbins, needles, thread stand components, thread stand bracket, thread guide pin, screwdrivers, hexagonal wrench, cleaning brush, sewing machine cover, coiler and spool cap.

Juki J150 QVP Digital Technology

The Juki engineers worked diligently to bring their Juki J150 QVP Quilting and Sewing Machine to a level that is easy to work with yet provides the latest in digital technology. This has resulted in several improvements over the old type sewing and quilting machines.

Digital Features Include:

A Micro-Lifter which allows the fabric to be sewn with the pressure foot at a height of 0 to 4mm. This provides even quilt stitching as well as easy of sewing heavy fabrics.

A digitally controlled LCD panel allows adjusting of thread tension, stitch length and pressure foot pressure with the simple touch of a button.

A Bobbin Thread Counter, which changes the count by one for every 10 stitches shown and can be used as a guide when the bobbin thread is getting low.

An Operation Panel provides a selection of choices for the material being sewn. This includes box feed for quilting, standard for normal fabric, rear up for thick fabrics and front up for knits or thin fabrics.

An independent Bobbin Winder, controlled by a special motor, makes it
possible to fill L sized bobbins to their full capacity.

Custom Switches provide an easy method of moving the needle up/down or raising the pressure foot.

Juki J150 QVP Optional Accessories

Accessories that are available with this machine include: 

  • Hinged and Invisible Zipper Feet
  • Smooth and right 1.5mm Compensating Foot and a 1/4” Regular Hinged Foot
  • Glide Foot
  • Couching Foot

In addition, Juki QVP provides training sessions for every level of sewing and quilting. These sessions are led by Juki’s top designer and author Karen Pharr.

This machine provides the opportunity for a person who enjoys quilting and sewing to produce products that are not only beautiful but professional looking as well. It is a great way to present personal gifts to family and friends while displaying personal skills in this type of art.