Brother Entreprenuer PRO PR1050x

Brother Entreprenuer PRO PR1050x

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One of the most exciting and rewarding projects in the sewing arena is embroidery. The thrill of creating your very own design and wording, in beautiful colors, and presenting it as a gift or selling it at a craft fair cannot be beaten.

Whether you are young, old, male, female or a small business, embroidery is a craft that allows relaxation and pure enjoyment in producing an individual item that matches you and your personality.

Today, Brothers have introduced an exciting Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X embroidery machine. This machine does everything including a selection of patterns, if desired, and makes it easy to produce beautiful designs that will fit your particular goal.


Scanning to make sure the embroidery image is what you want to produce is a huge problem with many previously produced embroidery machines. The Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X eliminates this problem with a Virtual Design Preview™ System which imposes your design on the fabric exactly as you desire.

It also offers features such as 5 times faster high-speed background scanning, on-screen letter editing adjustment and zoom features. The adjustment and zoom features can increase the image up to 800% in the My Design Center section.

Brothers Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X introduces a Virtual Design Preview™ which eliminates scanning by presenting a zoomed in camera view of the needle area. This shows your design on the fabric and allows you to align, rotate and move the material as needed.

Combining its Innoveve®2 Technology with a Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker provides 9 options for precisely lining up your embroidery design. Working equally well for quilt blocks and borders, this makes it easy to avoid having something end up off center. This attachment has optional Cylinder and Cap Frames.

Color and Stitch Management

To overcome the problems of managing color and stitch movement, Color Shuffling™2 is an addition that ensures colors you want to include in your creation. There is also a Color Sort feature that sorts the stitches by color.

Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X also allows you stitch management by way of a progress bar. A tab indicator shows the stitching order while making it possible for you to go forward or backward a certain number of stitches.

Enlarging your original design is simply a matter of adjusting a tab which will recalculate it to 100%. This resizes it to the appropriate size for your project and allows you to make changes easily without excessive fine-tuning.


An excellent feature of this machine is the 699 built-in embroidery designs which include things such as Steampunk and Goth Designs. Its 140 frame pattern combinations and 8 built-in monogram styles make it easy to impose your own personal embroidery features.

Other important innovation features include 10 thread colors, 37 built-in fonts, 8 built-in monogram fonts, an SD card slot and 2 high-speed ports. These make it possible to have a stitching design of 10 colors without having to change the thread. This can be important when you are on a busy schedule.

Applique is a favorite technique of sewers. The applique feature on this machine presents an instant outline to guide you and makes it possible to create multiple appliques at one time.

Lettering is often used in embroidery to insert names, phrases or other items which make the article more personal. A convenient feature of this embroidery machine is its on-screen letter editing which makes it possible to input and then easily change the words, font style, size of letters or an entire line.

Extra Features

Entrepreneur Pro X PR105OX brings a solution to many of the problems of past embroidery machines. With Enhanced Runway® lighting, which consists of 5 built-in LED lights, it is possible to work with very few shadows as well as enjoy brighter colors.

In addition, it is specifically designed to be up to 20% quieter and has an on-screen oil button to present an convenient opening when oiling is needed. A choice of small, medium or large icons is available to preview your design properties prior to embroidering. This makes it possible to make necessary changes prior to beginning a project.

For those who are not familiar with this type of embroidery machine, the company has provided 22 built-in tutorial videos which are displayed on a high definition LCD display. This provides the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the machine’s features prior to use.

BES®4 Dream Edition Lettering and Monogramming Software and Wireless Upgrade are included with the machine which makes it possible to complete a professional look on your finished work.

For those who wish to upgrade their embroidery program and enjoy working with the latest technology, there is no better way to start than with an Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X Embroidery Machine.