Brother XV855OD

Brother XV855OD

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One of the most fascinating things a person can do is sewing. Being able to turn an innate piece of material into a garment, quilt or other object provides a sense of accomplishment that cannot be matched. It is an activity that is enjoyed by all ages and gender.


Sewing machines have come a long way since the old Singer foot pedal that required a constant movement of the legs and feet. Today one of the hottest models on the market is the Dream Machine 2 XV8550D Brother. This sewing machine has excellent features which allow a person to do everything from straight sewing and embroidery to quilting.

Buttonholes have often been a problem with sewers because of the difficulty of proper spacing. This machine offers 726 built-in sewing stitches including a variety of one-step and four-step buttonhole styles. With the addition of 56 square inches of workspace it is easy to position material for any type of buttonholes.


Embroidery has become an excellent way to add unusual features to a garment, and the Dream Machine 2 Brother X855OD has provided 982 built-in designs including Disney characters, lettering, and frame patterns.

It also has features that allow you to create your own design providing a world of possibilities in embroidering curtains, tablecloths, t-shirts, garments, caps and hundreds of other items.

Its AcccuTrac™ embroidery system, including both 9.5” x 14” and 9.5” x 9.5” embroidery frames, makes it possible to produce high quality and precise work. These frames are built with ribbed corners and rubber gaskets to prevent slippage. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced sewer these features, plus multi-needles, allows for a stable work area while producing excellent stitch quality.

Other features of the Dream Machine 2 Brother X8550D are icons which show hoop size, a spacing of stippling and distance from the design. This allows for the inset or deletion of characters and letters and makes it possible to see the grid and hoop size separately.


Making a quilt has been a popular pastime with sewers for many years. However, one of the drawbacks has been the final quilting which had to be done by hand or by an expensive commercial quilter.

One of the great features of the Dream Machine 2 Brother X855OD is its 5-inch height from the top of the sewing bed to the top of the machine arm and its 11.25” arm to needle space.

Its extra high lift presser foot also provides the convenience of space which allows the quilter to roll the quilt as the machine does the quilting which saves both time and money.

It is also possible to do Trapunto quilting which changes a flat quilt piece into one where specific parts of the quilt are filled. This provides a sophisticated and elegant look to a finished quilt.

Additional Features

LED lighting is provided in five settings and provides approximately 10-inches of light around the needle. This feature eliminates the old problem of shadows interfering with a clear view of the sewing area.

A high definition 10.1” LCD screen allows a clear view of the work being done. This makes it possible to add inside or outside fill patterns and/or stipple to your embroidery design and allows you to put your own personal touch to the finished product.

Dream 2 Brother X8550D also offers a BES Upgrade Kit and a BES 4 Dream Edition Software. These features make it possible to use the machine without plugging into an electrical outlet. This is an excellent feature for those who need to provide demonstrations at locations where electricity is not available.

Breaking or hanging threads on a regular sewing machine can be a problem especially when it occurs in the middle of a project. Dream Machine 2 Brother X8550D has taken this into consideration and provided a nnovachrome™ LED Thread Monitoring and Color System. This feature not only has alerts when there are thread breakages but also signals when a thread color change is needed.

In addition to machines for the average sewer, Brother also provides models for industrial sewers. They are built to handle the heavy usage that occurs in such a situation.

Whether you are an experienced sewer, a novice or an embroidery shop, the Dream Machine 2 Brother X855OD is an excellent way to enjoy the art of sewing.