Brother VQ3000

Brother VQ3000

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Sewing and quilting are traditions that have been a favorite activity for many years. Whether from necessity or pleasure, making quilts allows the maker to create something unusual with a special selection of patterns and materials.

One of the problems many sewers face is the actual quilting of the finished project. This is often done by hand or by hiring an expensive commercial quilting company. Today, Brothers has been proud to introduce the DreamWeaver VQ3000 machine which not only quilts but sews as well.


With DreamWeaver VQ3000’s 14 one-step buttonhole styles and 561 built-in sewing stitches, it is possible to fulfill any special sewing needs. Whether you are making garments or doing other types of sewing, it is possible to adjust the machine to fit any regular or unusual requirements.

Buttonholes are often a big problem with sewers. On the old machines it was pretty much a guess as to having all the same size on a garment. With the DreamWeaver VQ3000, you simply set the size. This results in buttonholes that are perfectly matched.

Foot pressure can often make the difference between perfectly lined up sewing and seams that are off center. An adjustable presser foot pressure takes care of this problem. This eliminates having to rip out seams, re-align and re-stitch.

There are 6 built-in lettering fonts and, with speed control, the machine can reach up 1050 stitches per minute. Speed greatly cuts down sewing time when doing straight line stitching.

Winding bobbins by hand can be time consuming. This chore is eliminated with the machine’s independent bobbin winding motor.

Stitch length and width varies according to the type of garment or article being constructed. With 5 stitch lengths and 7 stitch widths, it is easy to quickly make any necessary adjustments.

Sideways sewing and being able to pivot are additional features of the DreamWeaver VQ3000. This eliminates problems that are fairly common in regular sewing machines.


A machine built especially with the quilter in mind, the Brothers DreamWeaver VQ3000DreamWeaver VQ3000 Company has taken into account all the problems that are involved when constructing something that will not only be beautiful but practical as well.

The machine has an automatic height adjustment which makes it easily to tightly roll the quilt and then proceed with a selection of built-in quilting stitches. Its wide table and automatic height adjustment also makes it easier to maneuver a quilt through the quilting process.

Free motion quilting feet make it possible to adjust the quilting to the pattern desired. Also included are 6 built-in lettering fonts which allow you to add a personal touch to overall look of the quilt.

These features make it possible to complete a beautiful quilt for your own use, as a gift or as a saleable item.

Additional Features

Innovative additions include:

• A V-Sonic Pen Pal allows you to place a mark on the fabric to guide needle placement, stitch width and the seams’ end.

• A 50% brighter light provides a clear view at all times of the work space.

• A MuVit Digital Dual Feed which adjusts to thin or thick materials.

• A LCD screen display which can be saved for future use. This provides a reference for special fabrics or projects to be used at a later time.

• A Pivot function that makes it easy to turn fabrics.

• Its Sew Straight Laser Vision Guide provides straight line guidance when piecing, quilting, aligning stitch rows or pin tucking.

As the latest in sewing and quilting machines, Brothers DreamWeaver VQ3000 is an excellent addition to help you advance your creative abilities.

In today’s world, it is no longer necessary for a creative sewer to be burdened with an outdated sewing machine. Being able to completely relax when sewing garments, comforters or other creations is essential if it is to be a pleasure not a chore.

When looking for a machine that will effectively help you make incredible quilts and allow the production of outstanding creations, the Brother DreamWeaver VQ3000 is the answer. This machine is designed to produce a product that will fulfill all the needs of a sewer and/or quilter and provide a more relaxed sewing experience.