Brother PR670e

Brother PR670e

Brother pr670e

New on the market is the new PR-670E 6-needle embroidery machine which is specially designed for sewers who want the speed and finish of a commercial machine while enjoying creating a variety of designs. All of the excellent features of other Brother home embroidery machines have been incorporated together with an addition of other innovations to present the perfect industrial embroidery machine in a small setting.

The machine is specially designed to be used in a convenient location as well as being portable for craft fairs and other venues. This means that you can attract sales by making the objects personal with names on caps, bags or other such items.

Embroidery can be done on virtually any type of fabric with mottos on linens and other cute says such as No Ugly Crying (on a handkerchief), Dear Santa I Want It All, Happy Love Day, customized pillows and other monogrammed items. All are good sales items. It is especially profitable when embroidering ‘on-site’ at a craft sale where people can place orders.

Designed with many user-friendly features, the Brother pr670e has the finish and speed of a commercial machine which makes it suitable for home or business use.

A few of the unusual features of this special 6 needle embroidery machine that makes it possible to produce an outstanding design include:

  • Embroidery area of 8” x 12”
  • Customized needle settings
  • 10.1” built-in LCD high definition display allows on-screen letter input and editing
  • Scrolling menu and large icons
  • 60 built-in embroidery designs
  • 37 lettering and 12 monogramming font styles
  • 12 monogramming font styles
  • 140 frame pattern combinations
  • 10 buttonhole styles in 3 sizes
  • Color Grouping allows editing color to multiple regions at the same time
  • Color Sort cuts down on thread changes when combining designs
  • Intuitive Color Management allows for design customization
  • 8” x 12” embroidery area
  • Embroidery frames
  1. 60 embroidery designs
  2. 140 frame pattern combinations
  3. 12 monogramming font styles
  4. 37 lettering fonts
  5. 50 built-in utility stitch designs
  6. 300 x 200 mm embroidery area
  7. Variable speed (400-1,000 rpm)
  8. Automatic threading
  9. High-speed acceleration
  10. 0.1, 1, 10 and 90 degree increments
  11. Custom designs including text arrangement and pattern rotation.
  12. LED pointer to position needle

Machine Receives High Ratings

This machine shows a 5-star rating online. This means that many sewers have used this machine and that it meets all their expectations. It has been used for expanding home embroidery as well as starting an embroidery business with sales online, at craft fairs or in specialty shops.

Built to pre-program colors, it is equally effective for an entire design or individual embroidery on items such as linens, jackets, shirts, totes and other items. This includes things like names, monograms, or decorations. This machine is simple to program for whatever you want to produce.

Finding a Dealer

When looking for a machine such as the PR-670EC, it is important to find a dealer who possesses embroidery machine knowledge and can present a complete demonstration of its many abilities.

At Capital Sew and Quilt, in Raleigh, NC, we are proud to carry this machine as part of our stock. Our sales staff has been thoroughly trained and is aware of the importance of having the right embroidery machine if you are to obtain the maximum benefits.

Our mission at Capital Sew and Quilt is to make sure that our customers find a machine that will fulfill all their requirements and we carry Brothers as well as other brands. We feel that the PR-670EC Embroidery Machine is one of the best on the market for home and small business embroidery. We also provide sewing lessons on this machine if desired.

If you would like more information, Contact Capital Sew & Quilt at 919-377-1259 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.