Sewing Machine Sales

Whether you are purchasing a regular sewing machine, a quilting machine, a serger or embroidery machine it is important that you visit a store that is acquainted with all the details of the machine’s operation.

There have been many improvements in sewing machines over the past few years. This requires knowledge of all the tasks they will perform. Come to Capital Sew and Quilt for sewing machine sales.This enables them to fully describe and demonstrate every machine in stock. C

Choosing the Proper Machine

Many customers come into the store with a specific sewing machine in mind. Naturally, the budget, user’s skill level, and needs place the machine’s functions at the top of the list. In many cases, we can demonstrate a single machine that will do several jobs, such as sewing, embroidery, and quilting that a few years ago would have required more than one machine.

On today’s market, you have the opportunity to purchase a mechanical or a computerized sewing machine. There have been many changes in both models over the past few years which has required additional staff training.

A computer sewing machine, which is fitted with computer chips, features such things as stop/start buttons, auto-threading, automatic buttonhole making, a variety of stitch width and length, automatic tension, etc. It is especially popular with people who are into working with a lot of quilting and embroidery.

Mechanical sewing machines, on the other hand, require these functions to be done by hand. However, many people find that this machine performs beautifully and is less expensive than the computer models.

What We Offer

It is our pleasure to demonstrate the latest entry and most advanced models on the market that are offered by companies such as Singer, Brother, Viking, Juki and others. Our stock includes Embroidery, Household, Industrial, Quilting, Felting, and Handheld Machines as well as Blind Hemmers and Sergers. If you wish, by all means, bring fabric samples to test machines and settings.

The size of the sewing machine can often depend on the space and uses you have for the machine. For example, the computerized Juki TL-200QP Mini Sewing Machine is lightweight and is easily transported from one location to another. This makes it very popular with people who wish to take their machine to sewing classes, demonstrations and other locations where transporting a regular machine would be difficult.

As a sewing machine shop, we are dedicated to serving our customer’s needs. We will be happy to explain what each machine will do and perform a demonstration, so you can see the result.

Our Goal

The goal of all personnel at Capital Sew & Quilt is to help our customers select a machine that will provide many years of sewing pleasure and satisfaction.

As a result, we feature the latest in sewing machines and accessories such as needles, bobbins, thread and other items that often need replacing with a sewing machine. Our stock includes a large number of sizes and styles to fit all types of machines.

We are proud to provide the right products and competitive pricing to meet your particular needs. It is our aim to supply you with information about our machines and products so you can make the right choice for your purchase. Of course, there is a warranty on all our sewing machines.

We treat each of our customers like family, so they enjoy the ultimate shopping experience when related to the pleasure of sewing. Call us today at 919-377-1259 and experience our expert assistance.