Sewing During the Holiday Season

Summer is over and it is time to start thinking about the holiday season. From Halloween to New Year’s offers a splendid opportunity for the home sewer to put their skills to work.

Whether designing Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decorations or Christmas gifts, this offers the chance to make something spectacular that cannot be purchased in a store. There is nothing more exciting than creating something that is like nothing else on the market. Even if following a pattern, changes can be made that make the project unique.

The first thing, of course, is to decide what kind of garment or gift you wish to make. This is followed by the pattern, material, and type. If, for example, you wish to make a simple Halloween costume, this is not difficult whereas making a quilt is more complicated.

There is no doubt that one of the most satisfying experiences one can have is in sewing. Today’s modern machines come with a large number of attachments, each designed to make it possible to add a distinct touch which makes it a personal creation.

Of course, to make something unusual it is necessary to have the proper equipment. At Capital Sew and Quilt, we are able to offer everything you might need for your project. This includes the latest in sewing machines, classes, materials, needles, bobbins, thread and anything else you require for the perfect gift.

Many people do not realize that the first sewing machine, invented in 1790, was for use on leather but was not developed into sewing other materials until 1830. The 1830 machine only created a chain stitch but in 1846 Elias Howe created the first machine that has lead to the beautiful choices we have in today’s market. Through the years tremendous advancements have been made which allow sewing of all kinds of materials from fine silk to heavy wool.

At Capital Sew and Quilt, we offer everything from simple machines for beginners to advanced machines for experts. Whether you want to make a simple garment, a complicated quilt, or a beautiful piece of embroidery, we have the machine that will fit your needs.

For example, the Brother Sewing Machine Company offerings vary from the more complex D Brother Entrepreneur PROx Pr1050 to the simple Brother XV855OD. Each allows the sewer to produce a beautiful piece of embroidery. There are 6 different models of this brand, each of which has features which make it easy to produce a beautiful project.

For those into quilting, new machines on the market include:

Brother Dream Quilter 15, Juki tl2200qvp (sit down), Juki ti2200qvp Long Arm, Juki ti2200 Qvp Mini, Juki ti2200 qv, Brother Innovix XP-1vp MINI, jUKIj150 Qvp, and Brother Innovis CP-1Luminaire. Each of these machines is designed to fit the sewers current ability or allow them to advance to a higher level.

We also have Singer, Juki, Viking, Brother, and other brands. Both new and used machines are available and all used machines have been serviced by our expert sewing machine technicians. Used machines vary in name brands, type, and sizes.

Many home sewers have been able to establish an extra income by sewing on order or producing items for art fairs. It is a hobby that can be done at one’s leisure and produce great satisfaction. Classes, materials, machines, threads, and other sewing needs can all be found at Capital Sew and Quilt. For more information, Capital Sew and Quilt can be reached at 919-77-1259.