You’re Ready To Buy Your First Sewing Machine….But Which One?

So you have been quilting for a while. Mainly as a hobby; it’s relaxing and you’ve quilted some nice gifts for friends and loved ones. You’ve just started selling at craft fairs and people really seem to like your work. Now you’re thinking you could probably make some money doing what you enjoy. Maybe you’d like to earn just enough to replenish your supplies. Maybe you’d love to make enough to supplement your income or save for a nice vacation. The thing is, you have been quilting by hand all this time. To make enough products to sell, you’re going to need to speed the production process up a little. You know you’re going to need to purchase a machine. The question is which one.

Capital Sew & Quilt has many options to choose from and are more than happy to demonstrate them for you. We can answer your questions and have you on your way to quilting success in no time! Let’s take a look at two of our Juki models, the tl2200 Qvp mini and the J150 qvp. Both are terrific machines that offer an array of features to take your quilts from great to amazing.

First, let’s talk about the Juki tl2200 Qvp mini. This machine is perfect for those who are looking for industrial-quality results while maintaining portability. Its smaller size also allows for it to be easily stored in tight spaces. It is a lock-stitch, single needle machine which has features of the Juki 18” TL-2200 QVP long arm incorporated into it. This allows you the freedom you want from a sewing machine and the precision you’re looking for in top-notch quilting. A 23” work area also allows for easy maneuvering of your quilt, making stress injuries less likely. With a maximum stitching speed of 1500spm, you can adjust the speed to the type of sewing you’re doing. This model is a great investment for both the beginner as well as the more seasoned sewer.

Now, let’s move on to the Juki J150 qvp. Its high-speed free motion sewing and quilting digital technology make for a practically frustration-free sewing experience. In addition to its extra large workspace, the J150 also has a 12” wide throat space and extended table space. This makes working with bulky materials easy. An especially helpful feature of this model is the adjustable LED light. It also includes a special pressure foot, which allows for a height of up to 13.5mm. This makes inserting and removing quilts a breeze. The J150 can also reach a stitching speed of 2500spm, making you the Mario Andretti of the sewing world!

The digital technology of the J150 is superior. It boasts a digitally-controlled LCD panel, operation panel, micro lifter and custom switches, and that’s just the beginning.

Contact Capital Sew & Quilt today at 919-377-1259 today or stop by our store at 107 Edinburgh South Dr. in Cary, NC. We’d love to get you paired up with your perfect machine!