Brother Innovis XP-1 Luminaire

What You Need To Know About The Brother Innovis XP-1 Luminaire

It was once a common assumption that people had to be born with specific skills to be an artist. This meant something that was born into their nature. Time has shown that this is not necessarily so.

While one would naturally need certain attributes to paint like Rembrandt or create statues that will last for centuries when it comes to sewing that is not the case. One of the areas where a person can develop skills that produce beautiful and artistic products through sewing machine embroidery.

Brother Innovis XP-1 Luminaire

Brother Innovis XP-1 Luminaire

One of the latest innovations on the market is Brother’s Innovis XP-Luminaire Embroidery machine. While beginners may require lessons to run this machine correctly, those who are familiar will the art will find this machine will produce outstanding embroidery products that are not only practical but beautiful to the eye.

The hundreds and thousands of innovative techniques and new features in this machine make it possible to use numerous stitches and techniques that have not been previously

Short Cuts

This machine eliminates many time-consuming tasks that so often waste a person’s time. You no longer have to worry about threading needles, winding the bobbin, cutting thread and design positioning. In addition, there are built-in designs with an 800% zoom which enables you to view your sewing stitch by stitch.

The variety of stitching opportunities is virtually endless and include 1,050 stitches per minute, 151 utility stitches and 670 decorative stitches. You can preview stitches as needed, change stitch size at will, project the stitch on the fabric previous to actually sewing and have a choice of over 15 million colors available due to the machine’s LCD feature.

LCD Sewing Areas and Displays

A very important feature of this new Brother’s Machine is its built-in 10.3’ HD LCD Display. This LCD display is built on the right-hand side of the machine and shows over 16 million colors, high speed 2.0 ports, sewing patterns and stitches with 1157 built-in designs.

The machine offers 4” X 4”, 5’X 7”, 9.5” 9.5” and 10 5/8” x 16” embroidery frames which makes it possible to do a beautiful job regardless of the size of your project. These frames offer a firm grip on the fabric and offer a spring lever release.

Other Features

It is impossible to list all the features that this beautiful new embroidery machine has to offer. However, everything you have ever dreamed of is including sewing stitches, basting stitches, instructional videos and manuals, both vertical and horizontal embroidery supports and many other features.

For the sewer who likes to produce superior products, this is definitely a machine that will fill all requirements to produce first-class work. This is especially handy for people who work craft fairs as it is possible to take the machine with you and do ‘on the job’ projects such as embroidered baseball caps and other items that are popular in the surrounding area.

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