Sewing machine

Let Us Bring Your Sewing Machine Back to Life!

Do you have an older sewing machine sitting in your attic, boxed up and forgotten? Maybe you use your sewing machine frequently and find it is no longer working quite as well as it used to. Capital Sew & Quilt has the solution to both of these problems.

Every sewing machine eventually will need some tender, loving care. Whether it has been sitting around collecting dust, or frequently used, your sewing machine is probably in need of service. A thorough cleaning, adjusting, oiling and replacing of any worn or damaged parts can bring that machine back to life! Why spend money on a new machine when Capital Sew & Quilt can revitalize your existing one?

Over time, parts can become dusty, worn, dry, or even stop functioning completely. At Capital Sew & Quilt, we service your machine on-site. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly evaluate your machine to determine exactly what is required to get it humming along like new again.

What exactly occurs when you bring your machine in? Well, a detailed cleaning is the first order of business. You might be surprised at the amount of dust, lint, and thread that often clogs up parts. After a good cleaning, all parts that require lubrication will be freshly oiled. Next, any necessary adjustments will be made to the tension and timing. Following this, each individual part will be closely inspected for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear. Broken or badly worn parts will be replaced with high-quality factory parts. Finally, the machine is carefully wiped down before being returned to you.

Capital Sew & Quilt not only provides service for sewing machines but for other machines as well. Quilting machines, electronic machines, long arm with frame machines, embroidery machines, industrial machines, and Sergers can all be serviced here. Our technicians are specially trained to service all makes and models, both old and new.
Sewing can be such an enjoyable hobby or pastime. Many people have even turned their sewing into a small business. The possibilities of what you can create are endless. Think of all the handmade items you can bless a loved one with on their birthday! Lots of money can be saved by making things like curtains and clothing yourself.
Why waste another day? Bring in your sewing machine for a thorough service by trained technicians today! Generally, your machine will be ready in 3-5 business days. We stand behind our work and are eager to help you get your machine back in top-notch order! Give us a call today at 919-377-1259. We are located in Cary, North Carolina and look forward to hearing from you.